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naruto text post meme: i forgot the caption 6/?

Soon on Youtube! My #ukulele #video #cover of #stevenuniverse ‘s #song from s01x02, “Let Me Drive My Van Into Your Heart”. I never even wanted to drive a car (let alone a van), but I do now. :)))

And yes, I make the weirdest faces talking/singing.



Part 2 of 2

Link to Part 1

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Part 1 of 2

Link to Part 2

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The Bravely Default Villainy Collection!

Hiya guys! I’ve just churned out four awesome tees based on the great RPG Bravely Default for the 3DS. Let’s run through them, shall we?


Support your favorite public dehydration and exploitation team of King Khamer and Profiteur. Free work for the masses! I mean…it’s gotta be better than this crippling thirst. My throat…is on fire! It’s like…filled with daggers! Aghhh this thirst!


Diva of the battlefield, Praline A La Mode is visiting Eisenberg! It may be wartime, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be party time! Show your love for the Diva Praline with the awesome tour shirt!


Celebrate the blossoming garden that is Florem, citizen reprogramming at it’s finest! This shirt will go along perfectly with your Spirit Headpin! Add some blue hair dye, forget about it! You’ll be the talk of the town! Roses will bloom in your wake! You might even score a date with that Fiore De Rossa. Talk about class!


Dark times have befallen Luxendarc. The seas rot, the air stagnates, earth decays, and fires emblazon. But all is not what is seems. Defy your fate, or fight alongside it with this Bravely Default inspired tee, though be warned, spoilers may be abound.

So whether you support the Eternian Job Masters or wanna raise awareness of their unacceptable existence, these t-shirts will do the trick. Come have a look!


Survivor, Vestal, Traitor, Casanova.

My graphic gifs are only to be used by amnesiac-casanova.

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special delivery




special delivery


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Sometimes I feel as though the best of my life has already happened and from now on, I’ll only have pain and misery.

I used to have it all: friends, beauty, money, love, a comfortable life. Ever since my 20s, life has been a weird decay into a bottomless pit. Financial problems beyond resolution. Lack of friends. No one whose interest catches my eye that can reciprocate those feelings. Never have I been fatter, or with so much less hair than now. I don’t even have the energy to go out anymore, mainly because of financial problems, but specifically because I don’t feel any better doing so. Not to mention the heart problems and the tumors in my head.

The weird thing though is that I find relief and despair equal in the thought that tomorrow EVERYTHING WILL BE FUCKING WORSE. So a week from now, I will sink even lower in this bottomless pit.

I don’t wanna die in the gutter, but if only I could disappear and vanish delicately, without alarm, without causing trouble for anyone. If only I could not exist. I don’t feel like dying would solve all my problems and the others to come, but then again nothing will.

I really miss being happy and in charge.